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A Generation with Purpose

Parents from all walks of life throughout the world are dealing with diverse stumbling blocks in the lives of their children. Issues and obstacles not common in past generations are surfacing to the forefront of current generations. When a child grows up in an environment of personal conflict or confusion, it deters from the power, ability, and capabilities they possess to function within the world around them.

A generation with purpose is a generation with power to birth change. Purpose is a driving force that is found in every individual who walks on this earth. However, the varying factor lies within the purpose behind the driving force. When a generation’s motivating factor is based on confusion; something stemming from outside voices and influences, it becomes evident in the world around us.

When a child can be persuaded into confusion about their identity or history at an early age, it won’t be long before their outlook on life reflects this confusion. Everything around them will seem convoluted and chaotic versus direct and simple. When lines become blurred, structure and direction seem unattainable. According to 2021 statistics compiled by the Pew Research Center, Gen Z is known to be a generation in which diversity and gender roles are blurred as a norm. It is also known as the loneliest generation, and one in which mental health challenges are very common.

While diversity is a beautiful thing and very much needed, there comes a time when blurring the lines is no longer healthy. When a narrative being pushed by the media, schools, and influencers, causes children to become confused about their identity, history, or anything relevant to life, it becomes the parent’s responsibility to put an end to it. Parents are to steward their children and future generations in a manner worthy of honor.

All generations, including the most current, Alpha, have the ability to make a positive impact in this world. Generation Alpha, stemming from 2010-2024, means not a return to the old, but the start of something new. This generation commences something new happening in the world. It is no coincidence that the attack on them has been so vast, given the potential they have to blaze a new path for the rest of the world to follow. All generations have a purpose; some may have fulfilled theirs while others may have fallen short. Regardless, there is room for those still alive and breathing to be the change this world needs.

Parents, there is an immense responsibility on your shoulders to raise up and fill in the gaps for this generation. Steward, teach, discipline, love, nurture, sympathize, emphasize and be present. As a parent, ask yourself what role you play in cultivating and advancing the purposes of your generations. Are you called to reform, refrain, transform or change? Whatever the daunting task may be, know that you were born and skilled for such a time as this. Be Blessed. Till next time...

Your Mommy-Friend

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