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Not a Victim: Resiliency

Our city has a strength waiting to be discovered and a light ready to shine in, and through those willing to work out all the issues holding it back from its resilience. According to Merriam Webster, resilience is the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress. This word defines the state of our city because of the challenges Palmdale faces.

Some of these challenges are homelessness, violent crimes up by 23.52 percent, and mental health issues also on the rise. Right now is the time to have an offensive approach. It's time to be a city that is resilient through problem-solving. Where are those citizens willing to work out darkness and backroom deals out of our city? Who are not afraid of sweat and tears? Who are not intimated to bench press the heavy weight of corruption out of our city? Our city is desperately waiting for these ones to arise. But, we can't give what we don't have.

My favorite physical example of resiliency ties back to one of my many passions: working out. Anyone who knows me knows I have a strong passion for fitness and health. Sometimes, however, my busy life can stop me from doing what I love. When I am out of the gym for a while, getting back to a fitness routine is very difficult. The breathing, sweating, and lack of endurance are typically very intense on the first day back. I will never forget the time when I was fully committed and had a complete dedication to my health and fitness. I was meeting my fitness goals and maintaining my strict nutrition. Of course, my busy life got in the way of this.

After months of hard work, I, unfortunately, had to take a break and dreaded my first day back to the gym. I envisioned the sweat and tears unavoidably pouring out of me in cycling class. However, the complete opposite happened. I surprisingly found that I had built resiliency. It was as if I had never left the gym or my routine. My breathing kept controlled, and my endurance was as high as ever. I realized I built my body to be resilient due to my diligence.

I tell you this story to encourage you. We do not need to accept the bruises, pains, or in my case, lack of endurance that comes from our busyness and trials. Spiritual and physical resilience together allow the Light within us to overcome all darkness. So, let's build up that resiliency!


Adriana Salcedo

Beauty for Ashes, International.

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