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Not a Victim: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We are living in interesting times. A time in which a gallon of gas has reached $8.35 in Southern California (according to the Washington Post), eggs have tripled in price, and the cost of natural gas is sky- high. Although the world might look bleak, there are some amazing things happening in the city of Palmdale. For instance, I recently had the honor of being the Master of Ceremonies for The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals’ (NAHREP) Installation Gala. For a moment in time, all of our nation’s challenges disappeared into a room full of business professionals, each with a heart for their Antelope Valley community.

NAHREP is a purpose-driven organization propelled by a passionate combination of entrepreneurial spirit, cultural heritage and the advocacy of its members. The mission is to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership through education and advocating for public policy that supports the trade association's mission.

It is a group of real estate agents and community leaders who are passionate about helping members of the Hispanic community achieve homeownership by providing education, quality loans and encouragement to work hard in order to grasp the opportunity of the American dream.

For me, the gala was like a piece of heaven on earth. City dignitaries such as Assemblyman Tom Lackey, Senator Scott Wilk, Field Representative Brandon Roque, City of Palmdale Council Member Richard Loa and many other distinguished guests came to thank the 2022 NAHREP Board of Directors for their service and to install the new 2023 Board. NAHREP President Jacqueline Hernandez was honored and nominated for a second term. She made history for being the first to have this honor. These are merely the highlights of this extraordinary event.

As a first-generation American of Mexican descent, I know first-hand how important it was for my parents to own a home. I grew up in a two-bedroom apartment with three siblings before my parents were able to rent a home in Los Angeles for two years. Then one day, my parents were able to purchase their first home in Simi Valley, CA. My parents were immigrants with a second grade education and a minimum wage income, and they were able to become homeowners. The American dream came true! Thus, the NAHREP event was more than a gala to me, it was a journey. I had experienced the path to homeownership first-hand and was able to witness the business side of it. I was the 15-year-old teenager who watched her parents receive keys to their very first home. It was as though my life had come together full circle at the gala. President Jacqueline Hernandez made the gala extra special when she did something never before done at a NAHREP event. She incorporated a prayer in the name of Jesus, sharing that she had just received the Lord as her Savior and that she wanted to do business God's way. I was blessed to have been able to participate in an event where Jesus was glorified at a time in which our nation is experiencing hardship. We are witnessing the marketplace putting things in their proper order: God first!


This is the first commandment. Palmdale is not lost.

For where Christ is glorified we have abundant life.

Sincerely, Adriana Salcedeo, Beauty For Ashes Int’l CEO

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