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When Not to Wear Makeup

Written by: Jackie Rodriguez

Every girl wants to achieve that natural summer glow so we want to share ways to achieve that look. But first, answer this question:

What do these 3 points have in common?

1. Working out

2. Wearing a face mask

3. Hot summer beach day

If you said Moisture (sweat) you are correct!

There are so many health benefits of sweating. For example some are that it boosts immunity, it clears your skin, and it detoxifies your body. So in order to receive the benefits from sweating you have to make sure you aren’t doing something wrong to hinder these abilities.

Now let’s face the moment of truth: MAKEUP. Makeup is huge blockade of these benefits when applied at the wrong times. You might be asking, “What? There are times when I should not be wearing makeup?” Our answer is a huge Y E S !

Wearing makeup when you know you’ll be sweating is a huge disadvantage when trying to achieve the natural summer glow. Let’s take a deeper look into our 3 points from earlier.


According to Yunyoung Claire Chang, MD a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City, “Makeup covers the surface of your skin as well as pores. While you’re working out, you’re producing sweat and oil that further congests pores and leads to bacteria overgrowth. The result: the perfect breading for breakouts."

Although you might want to look good and flawless while working out, you’ll have to kick that bad habit out and go Au Naturel. View your workout as a chance to let your skin breathe.


High temperatures (summer heat) causes your body to heat up. Your body then responds with sweat. Sweating flushes out toxins. The quality of air circulating inside your face mask is very poor and quite humid especially with temperatures rising which raises a concern on your skin. Therefore, you are more prone to acne and skin rashes because of the heat causing your pores to open and thus allowing bacteria and makeup to go in and stay trapped.

“Makeup worn under a mask may also damage the fabric, making it a less effective barrier, according to Cassandra M. Pierre, an infectious disease physician at Boston Medical Center.” “For surgical masks and N95 masks, and possibly for cloth masks, makeup does cause soiling of the masks and can lead to decreased air filtration,” she says. “You need to protect yourself from the potentially harmful pathogens in the air, and the debris from soiling will cause less efficiency in the mask or respirator’s ability to filtrate.” Pierre suggests that any makeup that touches the mask could impede the mask’s ability to filter out droplets, including lipstick, blush, foundation, and even tinted sunscreen.


We want to reach for the waterproof products when heading to the beach but we warn you to think twice. Why? Because waterproof products contain some not-so-good-for- you ingredients that help repel water like waxes, solvent, polymers, and silicones that can actually clog pores, irritate skin, and cause allergic reactions. So less is more on the beach. Wearing less makeup under the hot sun is a good way to let your skin breathe and prevent clogged pores from perspiration and trapped makeup.

Given these points, it’s time to start loving your skin. Summer days call for Au Naturel when at all possible if our goal is to achieve smooth glowing skin. Do whatever it takes to keep your SKIN from harmful pore clogging irritants. After all, it is the biggest organ of your body.

- Give Your Skin A Little Love

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