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Not a Victim: Storms Produce Rainbows

We live in a historical time where the storm appears to be raging. Crime is up, inflation is rising, gas prices are crazy, the homeless population is increasing, and mental health is an epidemic. It appears as though there is no regard for human life. However, don't be fooled by what is happening in our society. In the eye of the storm, there is a rainbow forming. Did you know that in ancient Hebrew, rainbow means war bow? I believe this meaning is incredibly timely because our city is in a war. It seems as though a bow and an arrow are facing our city with one attack after another. But the image of a war bow also has the solution. The bow is a picture of peace. This peace comes when we confront the problems in our city to discover solutions. It is not time to back down and shrink back. It is time to take back our city and be bold. As a community, we must raise our standards and show up to the movement of change; only then will we be able to watch that war bow turn into a city where crime diminishes and homelessness is under control. It is time to hold our city leaders accountable. We should partner with them. Voting for the right people on a state and local level is critical for the health of our city. As a community, we need to be engaged in creating resources within our local churches and after-school programs to help families that struggle with mental health issues. We are the city with the solution in the storm, the rainbow that symbolizes new beginnings, hope, mercy, and forgiveness. We are the city with a promise.


Adriana Salcedo

Beauty for Ashes International

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